Lin Qiu Hui

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As extension of MIMO technology in cellular system with multiple cell sites, Cooperative Network MIMO is a hot topic for the research of future wireless communication. In current study of TD-LTE-Advanced (LTE-Advanced TDD) system, various coordinated beamforming schemes have shown to be very promising candidates. In this paper we introduce a few(More)
A test system is proposed, which can be applied to processes of designing, commissioning and other tests for the power unit of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The working principle, software/hardware design and key technologies of this system are specifically introduced. Reliability of various functions of the system is examined and assessed through(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a performance testing tool for E-commerce systems. This tool can be used to assess the system performance based on TPC-W benchmark. The main features and designing considerations of the tool as well as testing procedures are discussed. The test results of applying this tool to two real systems have been(More)
Clonal Selection Algorithm is one of the important artificial intelligence algorithms, which used as a powerful information processing and problem-solving paradigm in both the scientific and engineering fields. However, few studies concern application of CLONALG method in information extracting of satellite image. In this paper, we suggest modified Clonal(More)
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