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The ideas of continental philosopher Martin Heidegger have been influential in cognitive science and artificial intelligence, despite the fact that there has been no effort to analyze these ideas empirically. The experiments reported here are designed to lend empirical support to Heidegger's phenomenology and more specifically his description of the(More)
Advances in video and time series analysis have greatly enhanced our ability to study the bodily synchronization that occurs in natural interactions. Past research has demonstrated that the behavioral synchronization involved in social interactions is similar to dynamical synchronization found generically in nature. The present study investigated how the(More)
Gibson developed the affordance concept to complement his theory of direct perception that stands in sharp contrast with the prevalent inferential theories of perception. A comparison of the two approaches shows that the distinction between them also has an ontological aspect. We trace the history and newer formalizations of the notion of affordance and(More)
A recent set of experiments of ours supported the notion of a transition in experience from readiness-to-hand to unreadiness-to-hand proposed by phenomenological philosopher Martin Heidegger. They were also an experimental demonstration of an extended cognitive system. We generated and then temporarily disrupted an interaction-dominant system that spans a(More)
In the paper, we present a novel tortoise-like flexible micro-robot with four legs which can crawl and swim underwater. These legs are actuated by ICPF (Ionic Conducting Polymer Film) which is a kind of smart film and has the characteristics of flexibility, good response and being driven by a low voltage. For analyzing the characters of the robot and(More)
In the paper, our preliminary work in using ICPF to develop a novel tortoise-like flexible micro-robot with four legs and one tail is reported, which can crawl and swim underwater. ICPF is the abbreviation of ionic conducting polymer gel film which is a kind of smart film and can give large and fast bending displacement in the presence of a low applied(More)
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