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The intimate integration of optical components with microfluidics technology will enable next generation portable LoC systems that may completely contain optical generation, processing, and detection. Toward the chip scale integration of digital microfluidics with active compound semiconductor devices, heterogeneous integration technology is used in this(More)
Chip-scale integrated planar photonic sensing systems for portable diagnostics and monitoring are emerging, as photonic components are integrated into systems with silicon (Si), Si complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, and fluidics. This paper reviews progress in these areas. Medical and environmental applications, candidate photonic sensors, integration(More)
— Miniaturized, portable, sensitive, and low cost sensing systems are important for medical and environmental diagnostic and monitoring applications. Chip scale integrated photonic sensing systems that combine optical, electrical, and fluidic functions are especially attractive for sensing applications due to the high sensitivity of optical sensors, the(More)
Over the past few decades, the field of p-type dye-sensitized solar cell (p-DSSC) devices has undergone tremendous advances, in which Cu-based delafossite nanocrystal is of prime interest. This paper presents an augment of about 87% improvement in photocurrent observed in a particular configuration of organic dye P1 sensitized CuCrO2 delafossite nanocrystal(More)
Data acquisition and diagnostics for chemical and biological analytes are critical to medicine, security, and the environment. Miniaturized and portable sensing systems are especially important for medical and environmental diagnostics and monitoring applications. Chip scale integrated planar photonic sensing systems that can combine optical, electrical and(More)
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