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Design and Fabrication of Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds via Rapid Prototyping and CAD
Abstract It is an important aspect that rapid prototyping technique can be used into tissue engineering. Biomimetic porous scaffolds made of calcium phosphate mineral are promising structures toExpand
Bone regeneration using a freeze-dried 3D gradient-structured scaffold incorporating OIC-A006-loaded PLGA microspheres based on β-TCP/PLGA
To reveal the latent capacity of the growth factor-like low-molecular-weight material OIC-A006 in tissue regeneration, it is essential to design a porous scaffold in order to concurrently accommodateExpand
Research of the method of reconstructing the repair bionic scaffold based on tissue engineering
Modelling technology of bone repair bionic scaffold plays a key role in the process of repairing defective bone based on tissue engineering. In this paper, through studying the structure of boneExpand
Microstructural Comparison and Analysis of Bone Scaffold Prepared by FDM and SLS Process
Three-dimensional (3D) micro-structure of bone scaffold played an important role in cell adhesion and reproduction. The introduction of 3D measuring techniques in bone research made it possible toExpand