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This paper addresses the problem of task allocation in real-time distributed systems with the goal of maximizing the system reliability, it has been shown to be NP-hard. Many studies have been made to solve this problem without considering the real-time constraint. We first take account of the deadline constraint in order to formulate this problem, and then(More)
Trajectory correction is a crucial method which can improve shooting precision of ammunition, and it is developing energetically new technology for fuze to implement modification of trajectory by fuze technology abroad. Based on the research of smart ammunition, a new trajectory correction fuze of infrared imaging with the help of GPS and precision(More)
Cloud computing has become an emerging new computing paradigm. However, the issue of providing complex enterprise product family cloud is not well addressed so far. This article presents a framework featuring an in-depth extension to WSDL and an application oriented semi-automation semantic web service composition algorithm to solve the problem. The(More)
The intrinsic construction project nature of one-of-a-kind and the requirement of massive data exchange make collaboration one of the critical factors towards success. However, due to the complexity of multiple phases and multi-disciplinary participants in project life cycle, industry level collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)(More)
In this paper, we recommend a mid-level representation, category attributes, for content based flower image retrieval. Low-level features have been utilized in images for retrieval. However, even though these features are efficient, the similarity between low-level features may differ from high level human perception, known as semantic gap. In real life, it(More)
In this paper, a method based on fuzzy mathematics to fuse multimodality medical images was presented. The improved FCM algorithm was adopted to segment images, and automatic fuzzy redistribution algorithm to define the subject degree. 16 different combinations of image tissues and 16 context relations, 256 models altogether, were considered. The result(More)
The performance of the cutting wheel system is critical to the mixshield machine in tunneling because to identify and fix the key faulty components may take days or weeks, or even be impossible in the middle of a tunnel. Thus, it is necessary to develop the prognostic system. In this study, we propose a prognostic method in order to assess and predict the(More)
In this paper, we present a new region based active contour algorithm for ultrasound image segmentation. An energy function based on a localized region-based active contour and shifted Rayleigh distribution is formulated. In our active contour framework, the target and background are represented as small local regions and the energy optimization is(More)
In this paper we introduce an ultrasound image segmentation evaluation framework for kidney tumor. Ultrasound image segmentation algorithms can be divided into edge based, region based, texture based, active contour and model base technique. We tested the performance of algorithms in each category using a kidney phantom and kidney cyst ultrasound image. We(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of ultrasound image segmentation of kidney images. We propose a new region based active contour algorithm. The energy function of our algorithm is based on Chan-Vese energy function and the Bhattacharyya distance. In our framework, a curve is evolved to partition the image into two parts. Our algorithm minimizes the(More)