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PURPOSE This survey of 20,542 Singaporean men born in 1974 studied the clinical features of young men diagnosed with epilepsy on preenlistment screening. METHODS All male citizens in Singapore are medically screened at age 18 years before enlistment for compulsory military service. Patients suspected to have epilepsy are then referred to government(More)
In many financial decision problems, such as portfolio optimization or hedging, the goal is to compute an optimal investment strategy, in order to maximize expected utility or minimize expected risk. If the volatility of the risky asset(s) follows a stochastic process and is not observable, the problems usually do not have analytical solutions. Hence, we(More)
To satisfy the ever-increasing performance demand of Big Data and critical applications the data management needs to offer the flexible schema, high availability, light weight replica, high volume and high scalability features so as to facilitate the transaction. The in memory database (IMDB) eliminates the I/O bottleneck by storing data in main memory. We(More)
Due to the surface water in the upper reaches of Yangtze River in China containing large amounts of silt and algae, high content of microorganisms and suspended solids, the water in Yangtze River cannot be used for cooling a heat pump directly. In this paper, the possibility of using Yangtze River, which goes through Chongqing, a city in southwest China, as(More)
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