Lin-Jie Zhi

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The synthesis of graphene nanosheets from graphite oxide typically involves harmful chemical reductants that are undesirable for most practical applications of graphene. Here, we demonstrate a green and facile approach to the synthesis of graphene nanosheets based on Fe reduction of exfoliated graphite oxide, resulting in a substantial removal of oxygen(More)
We report on the fabrication of 3D carbonaceous material composed of 1D carbon nanofibers (CNF) grown on 2D graphene sheets (GNS) via a CVD approach in a fluidized bed reactor. Nanographene-constructed carbon nanofibers contain many cavities, open tips, and graphene platelets with edges exposed, providing more extra space for Li(+) storage. More(More)
The relative contributions of organic matter and iron oxides to the Cs+ sorption on red earth were investigated by using the batch technique and selective extraction methods. The sorption and desorption isotherms and the distribution coefficients of Cs+ on the untreated red earth and the three treated soils to remove organic matter, iron oxides and organic(More)
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