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— The Core Optical Networks (CORONET) program addresses the development of architectures, protocols, and network control and management to support the future advanced requirements of both commercial and government networks, with a focus on highly dynamic and highly resilient multi-terabit core networks. CORONET encompasses a global network supporting a(More)
Optimistic concurrency control mechanisms have the tendency of freezing the system in order to validate a transaction at the end of the transaction's execution phase. This paper presents an optimistic concurrency control that does not freeze the database system. According to the property of conflicting transactions, concurrency control is divided into two(More)
Concurrency control is one of the major issues in database systems; therefore, many concurrency control algorithms based on different strategies have been proposed. Unfortunately there is still lack of a general model for describing these algorithms. Hence, algorithms cannot be uniformly presented, which makes it hard to understand them and to prove their(More)
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