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A Versatile Probability Distribution Model for Wind Power Forecast Errors and Its Application in Economic Dispatch
The existence of wind power forecast errors is one of the most challenging issues for wind power system operation. It is difficult to find a reasonable method for the representation of forecastExpand
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Irresponsible Forwarding Under Real Intervehicle Spacing Distributions
In this paper, we generalize the concept of IF such that it can be applied to any intervehicle spacing distribution. Expand
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Key Microwave-Photonics Technologies for Next-Generation Cloud-Based Radio Access Networks
Several key enabling techniques are introduced for next-generation wireless communication systems. Small-cell and cloud-RAN systems have been considered as promising solutions to meet the capacityExpand
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A Hybrid Conditions-Dependent Outage Model of a Transformer in Reliability Evaluation
Constant failure rate model used in the conventional reliability assessment of power systems cannot reflect the impacts of the various operating conditions such as transformer loading, ambientExpand
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A Novel Multi-Service Small-Cell Cloud Radio Access Network for Mobile Backhaul and Computing Based on Radio-Over-Fiber Technologies
Small-cell systems based on cloud radio access network (cloud-RAN) architecture have been proposed as promising solutions to meet the capacity demand of the future wireless access networks in aExpand
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Measurement and Modeling of Delays in Wide-Area Closed-Loop Control Systems
This paper aims to study the measurement and modeling methods for delays in wide-area closed-loop control systems (WACS). Expand
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Adaptive Time Delay Compensator (ATDC) Design for Wide-Area Power System Stabilizer
This paper proposes an adaptive time delay compensation method to deal with such kind of delay. Expand
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Three-Dimensional Path-Following Backstepping Control for an Underactuated Stratospheric Airship
In this paper, a three-dimensional (3-D) path-following control design for an underactuated stratospheric airship is proposed based on parameterized path description. Expand
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Application of a real-time data compression and adapted protocol technique for WAMS
This paper proposes a real-time data compression and adapted protocol technique for wide-area measurement systems (WAMS). The compression algorithm combines exception compression (EC) with swing doorExpand
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Full-Duplex Quasi-Gapless Carrier Aggregation Using FBMC in Centralized Radio-Over-Fiber Heterogeneous Networks
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a full-duplex asynchronous quasi-gapless (only one subcarrier spacing) carrier aggregation for millimeter-wave (MMW) radio-over-fiber radio access technology (RAT) in next-generation 5G heterogeneous mobile-data-network. Expand
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