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Key Microwave-Photonics Technologies for Next-Generation Cloud-Based Radio Access Networks
Several key enabling techniques are introduced for next-generation wireless communication systems. Small-cell and cloud-RAN systems have been considered as promising solutions to meet the capacity
A Novel Multi-Service Small-Cell Cloud Radio Access Network for Mobile Backhaul and Computing Based on Radio-Over-Fiber Technologies
Small-cell systems based on cloud radio access network (cloud-RAN) architecture have been proposed as promising solutions to meet the capacity demand of the future wireless access networks in a
Full-Duplex Quasi-Gapless Carrier Aggregation Using FBMC in Centralized Radio-Over-Fiber Heterogeneous Networks
Compared with OFDM-based signals with large guard bands, FBMC achieves higher spectral efficiency with better error vector magnitude performance at less received power and smaller guard bands.
Coordinated Multipoint Transmissions in Millimeter-Wave Radio-Over-Fiber Systems
We propose a coordinated multipoint transmission method in millimeter-wave small cells enabled by a centralized radio-over-fiber architecture. By using coordinated transmissions, we improve
Experimental demonstration of sub-Nyquist sampling for bandwidth- and hardware-efficient mobile fronthaul supporting 128×128 MIMO with 100-MHz OFDM signals
A novel sub-Nyquist sampling technique is proposed and demonstrated for bandwidth-efficient and hardware-efficient mobile fronthaul supporting massive MIMO, simultaneously achieving 32-fold reduction in sampling rate and 1.5-dB improvement in performance in a 128×128 MIMo experiment.
Radio-Over-Fiber Access Architecture for Integrated Broadband Wireless Services
This paper introduces two radio-over-fiber (RoF) architectures for the future broadband optical-wireless access network-all-band RoF and band-mapped 60-GHz RoF that can be integrated in ultra-dense
Digital mobile fronthaul based on delta-sigma modulation for 32 LTE carrier aggregation and FBMC signals
A comparison with analog MFH reveals that the proposed digitalMFH based on delta-sigma modulation can offer improved resilience against noise and nonlinear impairments, and it increases the fronthaul capacity by four times compared with the conventional CPRI-based digital MFH without significant EVM penalty.
Bidirectional fiber-wireless access technology for 5G mobile spectral aggregation and cell densification
Empowered by spectral aggregation and cell densification, future 5G mobile data networks pose a huge challenge to building next-generation mobile fronthaul systems with higher capacity, scalability,
Power-Division Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) in Flexible Optical Access With Synchronized Downlink/Asynchronous Uplink
The performance and reliability of the power-division non-orthogonal multiple access with synchronized downlink and asynchronous uplink is significantly improved for high path loss users, by optimizing all users as a group and adjusting the power ratio adaptively.
Cost-effective bi-directional mobile fronthaul employing WRC-FPLD for beyond LTE-Advanced services
For the first time, bi-directional mobile data services following 3GPP release-12/13 standards are delivered using only low-cost colorless WRC-FPLDs in RRHs.