Liming Zhang

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In a traffic system, drivers will always choose paths to maximize their own travel utilities, while in the other side, the system manager endeavors to minimize the overall travel time and reach the most system efficiency. In this paper, an induction mechanism based on game theory is proposed. According to the real traffic data, the manager publishes(More)
Facial features localization, an important technique in human face analyzing, is specialized in searching for facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc) within a given region in an image or image sequence. It finds applications in various areas, such as face detection, face recognition, gesture recognition, expression recognition, face image compression(More)
Distributed generation (DG) has developed rapidly in recent years, and its accession to electric distribution network has had significant impact on the power supply capability (PSC) of the network. Current studies on PSC have been based on deterministic security rules such as N-1 criterion while ignoring uncertain factors existing in the electric(More)
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