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Polymers with the ability to repair themselves after sustaining damage could extend the lifetimes of materials used in many applications. Most approaches to healable materials require heating the damaged area. Here we present metallosupramolecular polymers that can be mended through exposure to light. They consist of telechelic, rubbery, low-molecular-mass(More)
In this paper, we first present a hierarchical (BV,G p ,L 2) variational decomposition model and then use it to achieve multiscale texture extraction which offers a hierarchical, separated representation of image texture in different scales. The starting point is the use of the variational (BV,G p ,L 2) decomposition; a given image f∈L 2(Ω) is decomposed(More)
In order to achieve a mutiscale representation and texture extraction for textured image, a hierarchical (í µí°µí µí±‰, í µí°º í µí± , í µí°¿ 2) decomposition model is proposed in this paper. We firstly introduce the proposed model which is obtained by replacing the fixed scale parameter of the original (í µí°µí µí±‰, í µí°º í µí± , í µí°¿ 2)(More)
Leaf vein extraction is a key feature for plant recognition. An efficient leaf vein extraction method is proposed in this paper by Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition with Gray-scale Morphology Processing (BEMD-GMP). The raw image transforms gray image firstly, the Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMF) component of the gray image is decomposed by(More)
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