Liming Lu

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In this paper, we model Probabilistic Packet Marking (PPM) schemes for IP traceback as an identification problem of a large number of markers. Each potential marker is associated with a distribution on <i>tags</i>, which are short binary strings. To mark a packet, a marker follows its associated distribution in choosing the tag to write in the IP header.(More)
Application layer DDoS attacks, to which network layer solutions is not applicable as attackers are indistinguishable based on packets or protocols, prevent legitimate users from accessing services. In this paper, we propose Trust Management Helmet (TMH) as a partial solution to this problem, which is a lightweight mitigation mechanism that uses trust to(More)
The direct evidence of Radar Target Recognition is the backscatter energy and its distribution of objects, which is concluded by imaging process of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in the two-dimension image domain. So the issues about Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) of SAR are often a "post-process" following SAR imaging. A method of target detection in(More)
Passwords—secret combinations of symbols—play an important role in physical world security (e.g. watchword to prevent unauthorized entry into military forbidden area) from ancient times. With emergence and advance of digital computers and computer network, passwords are also widely adopted in cyber world security protection. In most applications, password(More)
We propose a framework that uses environment information to enhance computer security. We apply our framework to: enhance IDS performance; and to enrich the expressiveness of access/rate controls. The environment information is gathered by external (w.r.t the host) sensors, and transmitted via an out-of-band channel, and thus it is hard for adversaries not(More)
A drink driving online control system based on photoelectric detection technology is introduced in the paper. The system can take the initiative to force motor vehicle drivers to test their drinking status, and reasonably control the driver's behavior accordingly. The basic principle is to use the characteristic that 1185nm wavelength IR is absorbed by(More)