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TeraGrid is a national-scale computational science facility supported through a partnership among thirteen institutions, with funding from the US National Science Foundation [1]. Initially created through a Major Research Equipment Facilities Construction (MREFC [2]) award in 2001, the TeraGrid facility began providing production computing, storage,(More)
How did the study come about? During recent decades China has undergone a rapid transition in the main disease patterns of its population. There has been a substantial decrease in maternal and child mortality and in adult mortality from the main infectious/parasitic diseases, whereas for ischaemic heart disease and some other non-communicable chronic(More)
An important type of communication in grid and distributed computing environments is bulk data transfer. GridFTP has emerged as a de facto standard for secure, reliable, high-performance data transfer across resources on the grid. GridCopy provides a simple GridFTP client interface to users and extensible configuration that can be changed dynamically by(More)
OBJECTIVE As biomedical technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, researchers can probe ever more subtle effects with the added requirement that the investigation of small effects often requires the acquisition of large amounts of data. In biomedicine, these data are often acquired at, and later shared between, multiple sites. There are both(More)
BACKGROUND To identify the genetic contribution to the variation in blood pressure (BP) response to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs), single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the angiotensinogen (AGT), angiotensin receptor 1 (AGTR1), and angiotensin receptor 2 (AGTR2) genes were evaluated for their association with BP response to ACEI in(More)
Manual management of public key credentials can be a significant and often off-putting obstacle to Grid use, particularly for casual users. We describe the Portal-based User Registration Service (PURSE), a set of tools for automating user registration, credential creation, and credential management tasks. PURSE provides the system developer with a set of(More)
The NSF TeraGrid project has designed and constructed a federated integrated information service (IIS) to serve its capability publishing and discovery needs. This service has also proven helpful in automating TeraGrid's operational activities. We describe the requirements that motivated this work; IIS's system architecture, information architecture, and(More)
With the changing patterns of morbidity and mortality in China, noncommunicable chronic diseases have become the major threats to the health of the Chinese population. The causes of chronic diseases include genetic factors and behavioral risk factors such as the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, unhealthy dietary behaviors, and lack of physical(More)
Several studies have suggested an association between ambient air temperature and blood pressure. However, this has not been reliably confirmed by longitudinal studies. Also, whether the reaction to temperature stimulation is modified by other factors such as antihypertensive medication is rarely investigated. The present study explores the relationship(More)