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During recent decades China has undergone a rapid transition in the main disease patterns of its population. There has been a substantial decrease in maternal and child mortality and in adult mortality from themain infectious/parasitic diseases, whereas for ischaemic heart disease and some other non-communicable chronic diseases, there has been a moderate(More)
BACKGROUND To identify the genetic contribution to the variation in blood pressure (BP) response to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs), single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the angiotensinogen (AGT), angiotensin receptor 1 (AGTR1), and angiotensin receptor 2 (AGTR2) genes were evaluated for their association with BP response to ACEI in(More)
OBJECTIVE The China Seven Cities Study (CSCS) monitors geographic and temporal trends in tobacco use among adolescents and adults in seven cities throughout Mainland China: Harbin, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Hangzhou, and Qingdao. This article presents the methodology and prevalence data from the baseline survey of the CSCS, conducted in 2002. (More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies of genetic and environmental influences on adolescent substance use have been limited to Western samples. METHODS This study assesses genetic and environmental contributions to cigarette smoking, alcohol use, and psychological variables (depression, anxiety, aggression, hostility) among 602 pairs of adolescent twins, 11 to 19(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the cost and cost-effectiveness of methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) program in Dehong prefecture, Yunnan province, China. The cost-effectiveness analysis used process data retrospectively collected from the MMT clinics in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, from July 2005 to December 2007, a 30-month period(More)
BACKGROUND This article on the state of epidemiology in the WHO Western Pacific Region (WPR) is the first in a series of eight articles commissioned by the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) to identify global opportunities to promote the development of epidemiology. METHODS Global mortality and disease data were used to summarize the burden(More)
BACKGROUND China has the world's largest concentration of smokers (350 million) and rising alcohol consumption, yet little is known about tobacco and alcohol use aetiology. In 2000, the Chinese National Twin Registry was established to provide a genetically informative resource for investigation of health behaviour including tobacco and alcohol use. (More)
OBJECTIVE The present pilot project aimed to assess the effectiveness of social mobilization and social marketing in improving knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) and Fe status in an Fe-deficient population. DESIGN In an uncontrolled, before-after, community-based study, social mobilization and social marketing strategies were applied. The main(More)
Several studies have suggested an association between ambient air temperature and blood pressure. However, this has not been reliably confirmed by longitudinal studies. Also, whether the reaction to temperature stimulation is modified by other factors such as antihypertensive medication is rarely investigated. The present study explores the relationship(More)
One third of smokers worldwide live in China. Identifying predictors of smoking is important for prevention program development. This study explored whether the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) predict adolescent smoking in China. Data were obtained from 14,434 middle and high school students (48.6% boys, 51.4% girls) in(More)