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UNLABELLED Studying plants using high-throughput genomics technologies is becoming routine, but interpretation of genome-wide expression data in terms of biological pathways remains a challenge, partly due to the lack of pathway databases. To create a knowledgebase for plant pathway analysis, we collected 1683 lists of differentially expressed genes from(More)
The model plant Arabidopsis has been well-studied using high-throughput genomics technologies, which usually generate lists of differentially expressed genes under various conditions. Our group recently collected 1065 gene lists from 397 gene expression studies as a knowledgebase for pathway analysis. Here we systematically analyzed these gene lists by(More)
Many plant genes have been identified through whole genome and deep transcriptome sequencing and other methods; yet our knowledge on the function of many of these genes remains limited. The integration and analysis of large gene-expression datasets gives researchers the ability to formalize hypotheses concerning the functionality and interaction between(More)
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