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Thermoelectric properties of hot-pressed Zn4Sb3−xTex
Abstract A series of samples have been fabricated through vacuum melting method followed by hot-pressing for Zn4Sb3−xTex (x = 0.02–0.08), XRD patterns indicated that all the samples wereExpand
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Influence of deposition temperature on ZnS thin film performance with chemical bath deposition
Abstract ZnS thin films had been deposited by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method onto glass substrates in alkaline liquor. Thickness, surface morphology, structure and transmittance of ZnS thinExpand
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Study on ZnS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition.
We reported the deposition and structural characterization of zinc sulfide (ZnS) thin films by chemical bath deposition (CBD) from a bath containing thiourea, ZnSO4 and ammonia in aqueous solution onExpand
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Synthesis of copper graphene materials functionalized by amino acids and their catalytic applications.
Graphene oxide and its derivative have attracted extensive interests in many fields, including catalytic chemistry, organic synthesis, and electrochemistry, recently. We explored whether the use ofExpand
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Synthesis of micro/nanostructured p-type Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 and its thermoelectrical properties
Abstract Micro/nanostructured p-type Bi 0.4 Sb 1.6 Te 3 alloy was prepared by hot-pressing at 703 K. From the measurements of Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity, theExpand
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A Facile and Green Combined Strategy for Improving Photocatalytic Activity of Carbon Nitride
We first report an efficient combined strategy that simultaneously integrates copolymerization, doping, and molecular self-assembly for the development of carbon-doping petal-like carbon nitrideExpand
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Effects of deposition temperature on the performance of CdS films with chemical bath deposition
Abstract CdS thin films were prepared by chemical-bath deposition (CBD) from a bath containing thiourea, acetic cadmium, ammonia and ammonium acetate in an aqueous solution onto glass substrates atExpand
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effect of bi doping on the thermoelectric properties of zn4sb3
Abstract Polycrystalline samples of β-Zn4Sb3 doped with bismuth have been fabricated through vacuum melting followed by hot-pressing method. The thermoelectric properties of Bi-doped compoundsExpand
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Structure and morphology evolution in mechanochemical processed CuInS2 powder
Abstract CuInS 2 powders were synthesized by mechanochemical process from copper, indium and sulfur powders. A self-propagating combustion occurred during the milling process. Phase structure,Expand
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Microstructural characteristics and high temperature compressive properties at 1623 K of a directionally solidified Nb-silisides based in-situ composite
Abstract The directionally solidified (DS) Nb–22Ti–16Si–7Cr–3Al–3Ta–2Hf–0.1Ho (at.%) alloy was fabricated by using optical floating zone (OFZ) melting technique. Microstructural characteristics andExpand
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