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BACKGROUND PD patients present high incidence of pain with unknown pathogenesis. Objective. We investigated the relation of COMT polymorphisms rs4633 and rs6267 with PD pain. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundred PD patients and 105 controls were evaluated with simplified Mc GILL pain scale and VAS scale. PD patients were assessed with H&Y grade, UPDRS score,(More)
Graph-based dimensionality reduction (DR) methods play an increasingly important role in many machine learning and pattern recognition applications. In this paper, we propose a novel graph-based learning scheme to conduct Graph Optimization for Dimensionality Reduction with Sparsity Constraints (GODRSC). Different from most of graph-based DR methods where(More)
Synapses exhibit different short-term plasticity patterns and this behaviour influences information processing in neuronal networks. We tested how the short-term plasticity of excitatory postsynaptic currents (EPSCs) depends on the postsynaptic cell type, identified by axonal arborizations and molecular markers in the hippocampal CA1 area. Three distinct(More)
Hippocampal CA3 area generates temporally structured network activity such as sharp waves and gamma and theta oscillations. Parvalbumin-expressing basket cells, making GABAergic synapses onto cell bodies and proximal dendrites of pyramidal cells, control pyramidal cell activity and participate in network oscillations in slice preparations, but their roles(More)
It is well known that simple reaction-diffusion systems can display very rich pattern formation behavior. Here we have studied two examples of such systems in three dimensions. First we investigate the morphology and stability of a generic Turing system in three dimensions and then the well-known Gray-Scott model. In the latter case, we added a small number(More)
Laplacian Linear Discriminant Analysis (LapLDA) and Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis (SDA) are two recently proposed LDA methods. They are developed independently with the aim to improve LDA by introducing a locality preserving regularization term, and have been shown their effectiveness experimentally on some benchmark datasets. However, both(More)
—Renewable energy power generation could increase the uncertainties of power system with intermittent and stochastic performance, which has significant effect on Available Transfer Capability (ATC). With the rapid development of renewable energy power generation technology as well as the gradual maturity of power market, it has become essential to research(More)
Multidrug resistance 1 (MDR1) gene encodes the ATP-dependent cellular efflux pump P-glycoprotein (P-gp) which efflux of a variety of substances across the membrane. P-gp could serve a role in cancer etiology based on its physiological role of protecting cells from xenobiotics or metabolites. The C3435T (rs1045642) polymorphism of the MDR1 gene which could(More)
Serotonin transmission dysfunction has been suggested to play an important role in depression and anxiety. This study reports the results of a series of experiments in which rats were subjected to extended maize-based tortilla diets during early postnatal stages. This diet contains only approximately 20% of the L-tryptophan in normal diets of laboratory(More)