Limei Xiao

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This paper proposes a new approach to recognize salient traffic signs, which is based on sparse representation of visual perception via visual saliency and speeded up robust features (SURF) algorithm. The proposed algorithm deals with two tasks: traffic signs detection and traffic signs recognition. Firstly, multi-scale phase spectrum of quaternion Fourier(More)
The iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm is an accurate approach for the registration between two point sets on the same scale. However, number and noise of two point sets restrict good performance of ICP algorithm. This paper proposes a novel ICP algorithm based on skeleton (SKICP). The proposed algorithm is to denoise and speed up the point set(More)
Saliency detection can be a useful technique for image semantic analysis such as auto image segmentation, image resize, advertising design and image compression. It is a core problem of saliency computing how to obtain the effective salient object with less non-saliency information, which is consist with movement of eye fixation. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In the paper we present an increment coefficient method used in face recognition which is also a linear representation-based method. Different from traditional linear representation-based method, for every class, we develop a linear model representing a virtual sample as a linear representation of the class-specific training sample and the testing sample.(More)
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