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Only a few specific chemokines that mediate interactions between inflammatory and satellite cells in muscle regeneration have been identified. The chemokine CXCL16 differs from other chemokines because it has both a transmembrane region and active, soluble chemokine forms. Indeed, we found increased expression of CXCL16 and its receptor, CXCR6, in(More)
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) enzymes are involved in conjugation of electrophilic compounds to glutathione, and glutathione S-transferase T 1 (GSTT1) and glutathione S-transferase M 1 (GSTM1) polymorphisms have been implicated as risk factors for prostate cancer. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to define the effect of GSTM1 and GSTT1(More)
AIM To investigate the mechanism of reversing resistance of a hepatic carcinoma multidrug-resistant cell BEL-7402/5-FU with parthenolide (PTL). MATERIALS & METHODS BEL-7402/5-FU cells were treated with different concentrations of PTL and/or 5-fluorouracil. The proliferation inhibition rates, NF-κB, P-glycoprotein, MRP, Bcl-2, WNT1 and p53 levels were(More)
A coupled photosynthesis-stomatal conductance model with single-layer sunlit and shaded leaf canopy scaling is implemented and evaluated in a diagnostic box model with the Pleim-Xiu land surface model (PX LSM) and ozone deposition model components taken directly from the meteorology and air quality modeling system—WRF/CMAQ (Weather Research and Forecast(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its dramatic improvement, China's tuberculosis burden is still high according to the 2015 WHO TB report. Evidence show that experienced physicians do better in reducing delay diagnosis and patient mortality and are more likely to follow the treatment guidelines. However, in China, few studies have focused on physicians specialised in(More)
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