Lim Yih Lin

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Shaker K+ channels are multimeric, probably tetrameric proteins. Substitution of a conserved leucine residue to valine (V2) at position 370 in the Drosophila Shaker 29-4 sequence results in large alterations in the voltage dependence of gating in the expressed channels. In order to determine the effects of this mutation in hybrid channels with a fixed(More)
A leucine residue at position 370 (L370) in 29-4 Shaker K+ channels resides within two overlapping sequence motifs conserved among most voltage-gated channels: the S4 segment and a leucine heptad repeat. Here we investigate the effects observed upon substitution of L370 with many other uncharged amino acid residues. We find that smaller or more hydrophilic(More)
Taking advantage of the cluster effect observed in multivalent peptides, this work describes antifungal activity and possible mechanism of action of tetravalent peptide (B4010) which carries 4 copies of the sequence RGRKVVRR through a branched lysine core. B4010 displayed better antifungal properties than natamycin and amphotericin B. The peptide retained(More)
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