Lim Yean Teng

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OBJECTIVE Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) is the accepted method for accurately measuring the 13CO2:12CO2 ratio in the non-invasive and non-radioactive [13C]urea breath test (13C-UBT) for Helicobactor pylori. The IRMS instrument, an expensive and highly specialized analyser, is rarely available. The objective of this project was to modify and(More)
Cross-correlating two surface EMG signals detected at two different locations along the path of flow of action potential enables the measurement of the muscle fiber average conduction velocity in those active motor units monitored by the electrodes. The position of the peak of the cross-correlation function is the time delay between the two signals and(More)
This paper discusses the application of simple exponential functions for analyses of complex biochemical processes such as transport phenomena in a mammalian system. The main aim is to identify these exponential function models using various curve fitting techniques. The experimental data used is based on transport of a radio-active tracer 32P(More)
Introduction The heart is difficult to image because of its complex wall motion and variability of the cardiac cycle. Recent advances in 16 and 64-slice computed tomography (CT) technology such as thin detector collimation and fast gantry rotation allow the heart to be scanned in a single breath-hold. This paper deals primarily with coronary artery calcium(More)
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