Lim Tong

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We consider the problem of target location estimation in the context of large scale, dense sensor networks. We model the probability of detection in each sensor, p/sub d/ as a function of the distance between the sensor and the target. Based on a binary (detection vs. no detection) information from each sensor and the model of p/sub d/, we propose two(More)
The Paciic Software Research Center is developing a new method to support reuse and introduce reliability into software. The method is based on design capture in domain speciic design languages and automatic program generation using a reusable suite of program transformation tools. The transformation tools, and a domain speciic component generator(More)
Multimedia Broadcasting System (MBS) is a distributed media software system that provides reliable broadcasting services using GRUM over the Internet. The proposed Multimedia Broadcasting System ensures that all media files broadcasted by the sender will be received by the receivers through copper-based public switching network which provides unreliable low(More)
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