Lim Chot Hun

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This paper reviews various types of robotic architectures based on their advantages, disadvantages and its relevance for science and engineering. The main concern would be the 'openness' of the architecture as a whole to the public. A new architecture called ROSLI which is based on the well known 7 layer OSI protocol is suggested and presented. ROSLI(More)
Autonomous navigation for a mobile robot still remains as a challenging area to be explored. In an indoor environment, while GPS is unavailable and wheel encoder suffer from error accumulation due to wheel slips, vision-based travelled distance estimation can be considered as an alternative approach for more accurate measurements. This study presents a new(More)
This paper presents the design and development of a PC-based orientation sensing system using strapdown inertial measurement unit (SIMU). A 9-DOF (degree of freedom) SIMU, which consists of 3-DOF gyroscopes, 3-DOF accelerometers, and 3-DOF magnetometers, are used to estimate the orientation. Data fusion is performed to improve measurement accuracy. In this(More)
This paper describes a method to measure or estimate heart rate of a person using a webcam which focuses on the face of the subject. This approach is implemented in real time by continuously obtaining colour image stream from the webcam and blind source separation to extract principle components that are shared among the RGB colour components of an image. A(More)
This paper describes the interfacing of the biped robot KHR-1 with DSP board TMS320F2812. In this study, the KHR-1 is modeled as a seven-link biped, with each joint connected with a servomotor KRS-784 ICS. The I/O port of the DSP board provides PWM signals to the biped joints for joint control. TMS320F2812 is chosen due to its high PWM resolution as well as(More)
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