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Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer care are major public health concerns and their identification is necessary to develop interventions to eliminate these disparities. We and others have previously observed marked disparities in gastric cancer outcomes between Eastern and Western patients. These disparities have long been attributed to surgical(More)
Our purpose is to develop a serum assay to determine an individual's probability of having colorectal cancer (CRC). We have discovered a protein panel yielding encouraging, clinically significant results. We evaluated 431 serum samples from donors screened for CRC by colonoscopy. We compared the concentration of seven proteins in individuals with CRC versus(More)
There is considerable interest in herbal therapies for cancer prevention but often with little scientific evidence to support their use. In this study, we examined epidemiological data regarding effects of commonly used herbal supplements on risk for ovarian cancer and sought supporting biological evidence. 4.2% of 721 controls compared to 1.6% of 668 cases(More)
Elevated levels of chemokine receptor CCR9 expression in solid tumors may contribute to poor patient prognosis. In this study, we characterized a novel CCR9-mediated pathway that promotes pancreatic cancer cell invasion and drug resistance, indicating that CCR9 may play a critical role in cancer progression through activation of β-catenin. We noted that the(More)
sizeand charge-selective pores ( ~ 4 Å radius). 3,4 Several human diseases result from claudin mutations, most of which perturb epithelial barrier function. In chronic in" ammatory bowel disease, a compromised epithelial barrier contributes to the perpetual mucosal inflammation. An improved understanding of intercellular junction proteins will also(More)
Chronic lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, and asthma are characterized by hypersecretion and poor clearance of mucus, which are associated with poor prognosis and mortality. Little is known about the relationship between the biophysical properties of mucus and its molecular composition. The mucins MUC5B and MUC5AC are traditionally(More)
In prior analyses, conditional survival (CS) estimates for gastric cancer have weighed clinical and pathologic factors to predict prognosis at time intervals after surgery. Since racial disparities in gastric cancer outcomes were not considered, our objective was to determine whether race influences CS estimates. Data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology,(More)
Contact dermatitis is a common reason for patient visits to primary-care clinics and represents up to 7% of all dermatologic consultations in the US. Substantial progress has been made in elucidating the pathophysiology of contact dermatitis, particularly the allergic form. A better understanding of pathologic mechanisms has led to improved management of(More)
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