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Gap junctions are formed by a family of homologous proteins termed connexins. Their channels are dodecamers, and homomeric forms differ in their properties with respect to control by voltage and other gating stimuli. We report here the properties of coupling from expression of connexin complementary RNAs (cRNAs; sense to mRNA, antisense to cDNA) in Xenopus(More)
Gap junction channels are structurally distinct from other ion channels in that they comprise two hemichannels which interact head-to-head to form an aqueous channel between cells. Intercellular voltage differences together with increased intracellular concentrations of H+ and Ca2+ cause closure of these normally patent channels. The relative sensitivity to(More)
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase, a key enzyme in phototransduction, is composed of P alpha beta and two P gamma subunits. Interaction of P gamma with P alpha beta or with the alpha subunit (T alpha) of transducin is crucial for the regulation of cGMP phosphodiesterase in retinal photoreceptors. Here we have investigated phosphorylation of P gamma by(More)
Education plays a primary role in ensuring language maintenance and school success in Saskatchewan, Canada, and around the world. Language includes both " standardized " language and vernacular dialects. This document reviews the literature related to teaching English as a Second Dialect in school. The review covers information on the problems and(More)
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