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The generation of premating isolation given partial or complete postzygotic isolation between populations is termed reinforcement or, in the case of complete isolation, reproductive character displacement. In this study we use computer simulations and a multilocus genetic model to reevaluate the theory of reinforcement. We consider the evolution of female(More)
We explore the existence of solitons in a nonlinear, dispersive, amplifying medium based on a model that makes neither the parabolic-gain approximation nor the rate-equation approximation. Without these approximations, the Maxwell-Bloch equations no longer reduce to a Ginzburg-Landau equation and do not appear to have analytic soliton solutions. We use(More)
In this thesis, nonlinear birefringence in optical fibers has been investigated both experimentally and theoretically. Good agreement has been found between experiment and theory. Its applications in ultrafast optical pulse shaping has been discussed. A more efficient scheme of pulse shaping based on nonlinear birefringence has been proposed and analyzed.(More)
Fiber lasers emit soliton pulses that exhibit discrete spectral sidebands generated through dispersive-wave resonances. The position of these soliton sidebands is shown to be affected by the amount of chirp acquired by the pulse, and the degree of chirp is determined by total cavity losses and gain dispersion. Our results show that the soliton chirp shifts(More)
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