Lily Rachmawati

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A knee region on the Pareto-optimal front of a multi-objective optimization problem consists of solutions with the maximum marginal rates of return, i.e. solutions for which an improvement on one objective is accompanied by a severe degradation in another. The trade-off characteristic renders such solutions of particular interest in practical applications.(More)
The generic Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA) aims to produce Pareto-front approximations with good convergence and diversity property. To achieve convergence, most multi-objective evolutionary algorithms today employ Pareto-ranking as the main criteria for fitness calculation. The computation of Pareto-rank in a population is time consuming,(More)
In this paper a hybrid fuzzy evolutionary algorithm for a multi-objective resource allocation problem, the student project allocation (SPA) problem, is presented. Student project allocation must satisfy a number of soft objectives stemming from multiple points of view. The proposed algorithm employs a fuzzy inference system to model and aggregate the(More)
We present a survey on maritime object detection and tracking approaches, which are essential for the development of a navigational system for autonomous ships. The electro-optical (EO) sensor considered here is a video camera that operates in the visible or the infrared spectra, which conventionally complements radar and sonar for situational awareness at(More)
This paper proposes a new method for horizon detection called the multi-scale cross modal linear feature. This method integrates three different concepts related to the presence of horizon in maritime images to increase the accuracy of horizon detection. Specifically it uses the persistence of horizon in multiscale median filtering, and its detection as a(More)
This paper addresses the problem of horizon detection, a fundamental process in numerous object detection algorithms, in a maritime environment. The maritime environment is characterized by the absence of fixed features, the presence of numerous linear features in dynamically changing objects and background and constantly varying illumination, rendering the(More)