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Whether the water channel protein AQP4 is involved in the very early cell swelling and brain oedema observed with cerebral hypoxia-ischaemia (HI) and whether this response depends on the maturity of brain were investigated by comparing regional changes in AQP4 protein expression and signal intensity on magnetic resonance (MR) images in immature and juvenile(More)
In this paper, we present a new fuzzy assessment method to tackle the rate of aggregative risk in fuzzy circumstances by fuzzy sets theory during any phase of the software development life cycle. Because the proposed method directly uses the fuzzy numbers rather than the linguistic values to evaluate, it can be executed much faster than before. The proposed(More)
The facility site selection is important for the decision-maker/leader of the multinational enterprises. In order to increase efficiency of decision-making ability of managers under the fuzzy investment environment, we propose this study. The paper is to describe the development of a fuzzy decision support system for selecting the appropriate facility site(More)
BACKGROUND Pigmented basal cell carcinoma (PBCC) of the eyelid has not been well cited in the literature, and is often overlooked in the differential diagnosis of pigmented eyelid lesions. We aim to describe PBCC of the eyelid in Hispanic patients. METHODS Retrospective review of patients with eyelid skin cancer who presented to the Department of(More)
We hypothesized that increased Ku70 expression could be involved in recovery following cerebral hypoxia-ischemia. We investigated the progression of cerebral alterations in Ku70 expression at different time points (24 h, 72 h, 1 week, 4 weeks and 8 weeks) after hypoxia-ischemia (right carotid artery occlusion plus 1.5h of hypoxia) in neonatal rats. To(More)
Throwing away data is a touchy subject. Keep the maverick and you contaminate a general trend. Toss away good data points and you don't know if something important has happened-until its too late. How do you know what, if any, data to exclude? Chauvenet is the answer. Here is a really gentle test you can apply to any distribution of numbers. It works(More)