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Delay-tolerant networks (DTNs) have the potential to connect devices and areas of the world that are under-served by current networks. A critical challenge for DTNs is determining routes through the network without ever having an end-to-end connection, or even knowing which "routers" will be connected at any given time. Prior approaches have focused either(More)
There has been much debate over the past few years about the practice of moving traditional user-space applications, such as web servers, into the kernel for better performance. Recently, the user-space ¤ server web server has shown promising performance for delivering static content. In this paper we first describe how we augmented the ¤ server to enable(More)
We consider the conjecture by Aichholzer, Aurenhammer, Hurtado, and Krasser that any two points sets with the same cardinality and the same size convex hull can be triangulated in the"same"way, more precisely via \emph{compatible triangulations}. We show counterexamples to various strengthened versions of this conjecture.
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