Lily Lee Searle

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Estrogen-related receptor α (ERRα) is an orphan nuclear receptor that has been functionally implicated in the regulation of energy homeostasis. Herein is described the development of diaryl ether based thiazolidenediones, which function as selective ligands against this receptor. Series optimization provided several potent analogues that inhibit the(More)
We herein disclose a novel series of 4-aminopyrimidine-5-carbaldehyde oximes that are potent and selective inhibitors of both EGFR and ErbB-2 tyrosine kinases, with IC(50) values in the nanomolar range. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies elucidated a critical role for the 4-amino and C-6 arylamino moieties. The X-ray co-crystal structure of EGFR(More)
Inhibition of methionine aminopeptidase-2 (MetAP2) represents a novel approach to antiangiogenic therapy. We describe the synthesis and activity of fumagillin analogues that address the pharmacokinetic and safety liabilities of earlier candidates in this compound class. Two-step elaboration of fumagillol with amines yielded a diverse series of carbamates at(More)
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