Lily Asawapornmongkol

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Engineered zinc-finger transcription factors (ZF-TF) are powerful tools to modulate the expression of specific genes. Complex libraries of ZF-TF can be delivered into cells to scan the genome for genes responsible for a particular phenotype or to select the most effective ZF-TF to regulate an individual gene. In both cases, the construction of highly(More)
Phage-displayed peptides that selectively bind to aldolase catalytic antibody 93F3 when bound to a particular 1,3-diketone hapten derivative have been developed using designed selection strategies with libraries containing 7-12 randomized amino acid residues. These phage-displayed peptides discriminated the particular 93F3-diketone complex from ligand-free(More)
A 21-mer peptide that can be used to covalently introduce synthetic molecules into proteins has been developed. Phage-displayed peptide libraries were subjected to reaction-based selection with 1,3-diketones. The peptide was further evolved by addition of a randomized region and reselection for improved binding. The resulting 21-mer peptide had a reactive(More)
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