Lillian Zerihun

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The vagus nerve plays a role in mediating effects of the two glucagon-like peptides GLP-1 and GLP-2 on gastrointestinal growth, functions and eating behaviour. To obtain electrophysiological and molecular evidence for the contribution of afferent pathways in chemoreception from the gastrointestinal tract, afferent mass activity in the ventral gastric branch(More)
Using anaesthetized rats, experiments were performed to test whether neurones located in the hypothalamic paraventricular nuclei and sending axons caudally, could be identified electrophysiologically. Neurones projecting caudally were localized by antidromic invasion following electrical stimulation within the region of the dorsal motor nucleus of the(More)
The time course of incorporation and cellular localization of 3H-5-hydroxytryptophan (3H-5-HTP) and 3H-5-hydroxytryptamine (3H-5-HT) in the pineal and some brain regions in rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri, were studied by quantitative and qualitative autoradiography. Among the tissues examined, the pineal shows the highest and most rapid uptake of the two(More)
Neurons within the hypothalamic paraventricular nuclei (PVN) have been antidromically invaded following electrical stimulation within the pons and medulla of rats. These neurones are dispersed throughout the PVN and are often found near neurones antidromically invaded only from the pituitary salk. In addition, a small number of PVN neurones have been found(More)
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