Lillian Pavlik

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The complete genome of the Orgyia leucostigma nucleopolyhedrovirus (OrleNPV) isolated from the whitemarked tussock moth (Orgyia leucostigma, Lymantridae: Lepidoptera) was sequenced, analyzed, and compared to other baculovirus genomes. The size of the OrleNPV genome was 156,179 base pairs (bp) and had a G+C content of 39%. The genome encoded 135 putative(More)
Hymenoptera is a very large and ancient insect order encompassing bees, wasps, ants and sawflies. Fossil records indicate that they existed over 200 million years ago and about 100 million years before the appearance of Lepidoptera. Sawflies have been major pests in many parts of the world and some have caused serious forest defoliation in North America.(More)
Insect cell lines have been initiated since the 1930s and were used to replicate insect baculoviruses as well as arboviruses. Since the latter group of viruses cause serious diseased in man and equines, efforts were expended to characterize the viruses in the new cell lines in attempts to understand the replication cycle at the cellular and molecular(More)
The effect of an administered dose of 75Se-selenite and a previously increased selenium intake in drinking water (0.1 mg/l) on the distribution of injected selenium in rat blood was studied. In a dose range of 0.01-1.6 mg Se/kg body weight the ratio of injected selenium in blood plasma and in blood cells decreased from 3.20 in rats with increased selenium(More)
The metabolism of trimethylselenonium ions (TMSe) was studied in male and female rats during maturation. Selenium (Se) retention in the whole body as well as in organs was found to be significantly higher in male rats than in female a few hours after parenteral administration of TMSe. The pronounced Se accumulation was observed in male kidneys. This(More)
The influence of calcitonin on the healing of a fracture of tibial diaphysis in young rats has been studied with the aid of 85Sr investigations. The animals were subdivided into four groups (with facture + calcitonin, with fracture and no calcitonin, without fracture but with calcitonin treatment and intact controls). During the experimental period up to(More)