Lillian MacEachern

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Talc is a mineral compound with unique attributes and significant commercial importance. As used in consumer products, talc has a long and proven history of safe use. Direct consumer applications include body powders, other cosmetic formulations, pharmaceutical tableting, and some confectionery food products. Production, characterization, and consumer(More)
Since the mid 1990's state legislators and regulators have worked to resolve the complex issue of timely payment of health care claims. They have been challenged with bridging the communication gap between provider and payor and forced to address such base problems as what determines a correctly billed service. As time has progressed it is ever apparent(More)
When a health plan denies payment for a procedure on grounds that it is not medically necessary or when it refuses a physician-ordered referral to a specialist, has it crossed the line from making an insurance judgment to practicing medicine? If the patient suffers harm as a result of the decision, is the plan liable for medical malpractice? Those were(More)
Many questions exist surrounding the origins of the escalating cost of medical malpractice coverage. Insurers and health providers claim excessive litigation and overly generous jury awards have hardened the market. The American Trial Lawyers Association and consumer advocacy groups claim insurance premium rates have not tracked medical inflation or the(More)