Lillian MacEachern

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Talc is a mineral compound with unique attributes and significant commercial importance. As used in consumer products, talc has a long and proven history of safe use. Direct consumer applications include body powders, other cosmetic formulations, pharmaceutical tableting, and some confectionery food products. Production, characterization, and consumer(More)
The health care industry has historically used established formats for patient rights in order to maintain the integrity and quality of care in all settings of care provision. By establishing rights and responsibilities for patients, it increased patient involvement and created boundaries for acceptable practice for health care providers. As the provision(More)
Since the mid 1990's state legislators and regulators have worked to resolve the complex issue of timely payment of health care claims. They have been challenged with bridging the communication gap between provider and payor and forced to address such base problems as what determines a correctly billed service. As time has progressed it is ever apparent(More)
Nonphysician providers continue to achieve enhanced stature, in part by gaining more autonomy in prescribing drugs. There is growing support for the concept that the public health is best served by the broadest access to primary care along with the safe use of pharmaceuticals. The states continue in their efforts to find ways to promote the use of less(More)
Heightened competition in the health care industry has prompted a growing number of nonprofit hospitals to merge with or sell to for-profit firms, in the hope of alleviating their financial concerns. The conversion trend, which has many public officials concerned about the fate of the charitable assets and care to indigent population that nonprofit(More)