Lilli Saarinen

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The purpose of the study was to assess the working conditions in hairdressing salons and the influence of work factors on the workers' health. Twenty randomly sampled hairdressing salons in the Helsinki, Finland, metropolitan area were selected for the study. The study was performed during winter 1994-1995; it included a survey of the hairdressing chemicals(More)
Coordinated efforts to collect large-scale data sets provide a basis for systems level understanding of complex diseases. In order to translate these fragmented and heterogeneous data sets into knowledge and medical benefits, advanced computational methods for data analysis, integration and visualization are needed. We introduce a novel data integration(More)
BACKGROUND Aggressive lipid lowering with high doses of statins increases the risk of statin-induced myopathy. However, the cellular mechanisms leading to muscle damage are not known and sensitive biomarkers are needed to identify patients at risk of developing statin-induced serious side effects. METHODOLOGY We performed bioinformatics analysis of whole(More)
BACKGROUND Bordetella pertussis is a gram-negative bacterium that infects the human respiratory tract and causes pertussis or whooping cough. The disease has resurged in many countries including Finland where the whole-cell pertussis vaccine has been used for more than 50 years. Antigenic divergence has been observed between vaccine strains and clinical(More)
Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) is a relatively rare clinical syndrome characterized by neoplastic epithelial cells growing in the peritoneal cavity and secreting mucinous ascites. Our aim was to explore the molecular events behind this fatal but under-investigated disease. We extracted DNA from 19 appendix-derived PMP tumors and nine corresponding normal(More)
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are members of the TGF-beta superfamily of growth factors. They are known for their roles in regulation of osteogenesis and developmental processes and, in recent years, evidence has accumulated of their crucial functions in tumor biology. BMP4 and BMP7, in particular, have been implicated in breast cancer. However, little(More)
In Finland occupational asthma caused by protein allergens and reactive chemicals present in the air of work environments is increasing. This communication describes provocative challenge tests and methods for measuring exposure under simulated work conditions. The importance of lung function measurements during non-exposure and placebo periods is stressed.(More)
Organic oxygenates, namely, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and methyl tert-amyl ether (MTAE), are added to gasoline to reduce carbon monoxide in exhausts and to enhance the octane number. The aim of this study was to investigate road-tanker drivers' exposure to oxygenate vapors during road-tanker loading and unloading as well as to evaluate the measurements(More)
Mutations in the X-linked androgen receptor (AR) gene underlie complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS), the most common cause of 46,XY sex reversal. Molecular genetic diagnosis of CAIS, however, remains uncertain in patients who show normal coding region of AR. Here, we describe a novel mechanism of AR disruption leading to CAIS in two 46,XY(More)
To enable studies of androgen signaling in different tissues in vivo, we generated an androgen receptor (AR) reporter mouse line by inserting a luciferase gene construct into the murine genome. The construct is driven by four copies of androgen-responsive elements from the mouse sex-limited protein gene (slp-HRE2) and a minimal thymidine kinase promoter.(More)