Lilli Arndt

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A prospective study of 1,517 consecutive cerebral angiographic examinations is reported. The incidence of all complications was 8.5%, and the incidence of all neurologic complications was 2.6%. The overall incidence of permanent neurologic deficit was 0.33%. The incidence of permanent neurologic deficit in patients referred for evaluation of symptomatic(More)
The long head of biceps tendon (LHB) score was designed to clinically assess LHB pathologies. Purpose of this study was to prospectively assess patients with LHB pathologies preoperatively and after LHB surgery using the LHB score. Fifty-seven patients (29 f/28 m, Ø age 61.0 years), showing clinical signs of LHB pathologies, were prospectively included into(More)
The functional relationship between the formation of hundreds of fusion pores during the acrosome reaction in spermatozoa and the mobilization of calcium from the acrosome has been determined only partially. Hence, the second messenger NAADP, promoting efflux of calcium from lysosome-like compartments and one of its potential molecular targets, the two-pore(More)
Kell null red blood cell samples can be prepared using 2-aminoethylisothiouronium bromide (AET). This article describes a modification whereby only three drops of a 5% red blood cell suspension may be AET treated. This procedure has been used routinely in the authors' laboratory for more than a year. One patient's serum contained anti-Kpb plus anti-C and(More)
This study describes the changes in chymopapain-specific IgE antibody levels in patients following chemonucleolysis with Chymodiactin. Using the ChymoFAST method, chymopapain-specific IgE values were studied in 91 patients prior to and for 2 months post-Chymodiactin chemonucleolysis. A total of 8.8% (17/91) developed IgE levels greater than or equal to 0.06(More)
A fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (ChymoFAST test) for the quantitation of chymopapain-specific IgE antibody concentration in human serum is described. The IgE antibody is recognized as the major immunologic mediator for anaphylactic reactions. Serum chymopapain-specific IgE levels serve as an objective screening method for identifying patients most likely(More)
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