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We report here the identification of a gene associated with the hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumor (HPT-JT) syndrome. A single locus associated with HPT-JT (HRPT2) was previously mapped to chromosomal region 1q25-q32. We refined this region to a critical interval of 12 cM by genotyping in 26 affected kindreds. Using a positional candidate approach, we identified(More)
F amilial forms of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) constitute a broad group of disorders in which PHPT is either a main or an associated feature. With the advances in disease gene identification, some of the genetic abnormalities underlying familial PHPT have been clarified. 1 2 In hyperparathyroidism2jaw tumour syndrome (HPT-JT; OMIM #145001) the(More)
The tumour suppressor gene causing multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) encodes a 610 amino acid protein, menin. In order to identify menin-interacting proteins we used a yeast two-hybrid assay to screen a 12.5-dpc mouse embryo library with partial menin encompassing amino acids 278 to 476. This identified a homeobox containing protein encoded by a(More)
From the SWENOTECA Project, the CT findings in 156 patients treated by bilateral retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy were reviewed. Of these, 112 were in stage I (no metastases) and 44 in stage II A (metastases in normal-sized lymph nodes and in nodes with a maximum diameter in the transverse plane of less than or equal to 20 mm). The normal size of lymph nodes(More)
Gallbladder carcinoma (GBCA) is difficult to diagnose in its early stage by ultrasound (US) due to the non-specificity of various characteristics. In an investigation of 25 female patients (mean age 68.2 years) all with a histologic diagnosis of primary GBCA (adenocarcinoma) and a US examination prior to that, the correct diagnosis was only established in(More)
In diagnostic radiology, medical-grade monochrome displays are usually recommended because of their higher luminance. Standard color displays can be used as a less expensive alternative, but have a lower luminance. The aim of the present study was to compare image quality for these two types of displays. Images of a CDRAD contrast-detail phantom were read(More)
Nineteen consecutive children with transient synovitis of the hip were examined for intracapsular joint effusion using computed tomography (CT) and ultrasonography (US). The two techniques were highly correlated in measurements of the anterior displacement of the joint capsule, indicating both to be reliable diagnostic tools. Such an effusion is clinically(More)
Parafibromin is a protein product derived from the hyperparathyroidism 2(HRPT2) tumor suppressor geneand its inactivation has been coupled to familial and sporadic forms of parathyroid malignancy. In this study, we have conducted immunohistochemistry on 33 parathyroid carcinomas (22 unequivocal and 11 equivocal) using four parafibromin antibodies directed(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is characterized by inappropriate control of parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion and asymmetric hyperplasia of the parathyroid glands. Receptors for calcium and vitamin D are involved in the control of secretion, as well as parathyroid cell proliferation. Defective receptor mechanisms therefore may play a role(More)
Ultrasound (US) was performed in 96 patients (on 108 occasions) 2-4 h after diagnostic liver puncture with a modified Menghini needle. Serious complications (major haemorrhages: one intraparenchymal and one into the abdominal cavity) were seen in two patients, while seven presented with minor bleedings though without any registered clinical abnormality(More)