Liljana Markovska

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The adsorption of basic dyes from aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon and natural zeolite has been studied using an agitated batch adsorber. The influence of agitation, initial dye concentration and adsorbent mass has been studied. The parameters of Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherms have been determined using the adsorption data.(More)
The kinetics of zinc, cadmium, and lead ions removal by natural zeolite-clinoptilolite has been investigated using an agitated batch adsorber. Batch experiments at constant temperature have been performed. The influence of agitation speed, initial heavy metals concentration and particle size of the sorbent on the removal efficiency of heavy metals from(More)
The increasing concern for the environmental impacts of human activities has stimulated the development of new methods for analysis of industrial processes and the implementation of energy conservation measures. This paper presents a research on a case study of plant for ethanol and yeast production. The production plant as physical model is divided into(More)
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