Liliya A. Malikova

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We studied plus-maze behavior of inbred Krushinskii−Molodkina, Wistar, and black-hooded rats (originating from the Long-Evans outbred strain) differing by predisposition to audiogenic seizures. The severity of audiogenic seizures partially correlated with anxiety and negatively correlated with the total level of locomotor activity in the elevated plus-maze.(More)
The antistress affect of the substance P1-4 N-terminal fragment (ARG-Pro-Lys-Pro, 100 mkg/kg, i.p.) has been studied on the model of immobilization stress in rats. It was ascertained that the preparation of protective effect is revealed to the greatest extent on the exhaustion stage (48 h of immobilization), which served to prevent the lymphoid organs mass(More)
The dynamics of excitatory (glutamate, aspartate) and inhibitory (GABA, glycine) neurotransmitter amino acid contents in the cerebrospinal fluid were studied in 110 patients with hemispheric ischemic insult. These studies revealed significant increases in the levels of glutamate and aspartate in the first six hours of illness, and the level and duration of(More)
The new antiepileptic drug levetiracetam (LVT) at doses of 40 and 80 mg/kg exhibits a pronounced anticonvulsant effect, influencing all the parameters of audiogenic epileptiform seizures (AES) in Krushinsky-Molodkina (KM) rats. The latent period of the motor reaction was increased 3-15 times compared to control, and the intensity of single convulsive(More)
The duration and severity of cataleptic freezing after audiogenic seizures were investigated in rats of several genotypes with different predisposition to audiogenic epilepsy. These genotypes were the Krushinsky-Molodkina strain (KM--the audiogenic seizure prone strain), the Wistar and two new substrains selected from hybrids KM x Wistar for high ("4") and(More)
We evaluated the role of nitric oxide and lipid peroxidation in the pathophysiological mechanisms of seizures in genetically epilepsy prone (GEP) rats and DBA/2 mice with genetically determined audiogenic epilepsy. In rats and mice acoustic stimulation led to locomotor activation followed by clonic-tonic seizures. The contents of nitric oxide and lipid(More)
The influence of the cultivation conditions on Bacillus pumilus KMM 62 growth and effectiveness of the production of a subtilisin-like serine proteinase were investigated. Enzyme accumulation in the culture fluid reached the maximum value after 32 and 46–48 h of growth; it depends on the composition of the nutrient medium. The ratio of the concentrations of(More)
Among the experimental models of hypothermia one which deserves attention is that known as "immobilization" hypothermia, in which the body temperature is lowered without the drastic application of cold or inhibition of temperature-regulating responses by means of drugs [9, I0]. Previously the writers Showed that it is possible not only to obtain deep(More)
We demonstrated high sensitivity of the brain neurotransmitter system to high-molecular-weight heparin in Wistar rats. Single and repeated administration of heparin modulated the content of monoamines and neurotransmitter amino acids in the hippocampus, striatum, and cerebral cortex. Antistress activity of high-molecular-weight heparin and its positive(More)
Experiments were carried out on male rats weighing 180 • 30 g. The animals were immobolized by fixing them securely in special frames for 30 min and I, 4, and 24 h. After decapitation of the rat the thymus, spleen, and adrenals were weighed, and the state of the gastric mucosa was studied. Lipids were detected histochemically in the adrenal cortex [5] and(More)