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Dictionary learning (DL) for sparse coding has shown promising results in classification tasks, while how to adaptively build the relationship between dictionary atoms and class labels is still an important open question. The existing dictionary learning approaches simply fix a dictionary atom to be either class-specific or shared by all classes beforehand,(More)
In the present paper we derive the asymptotic joint distribution of the Nelson-Aalen estimators for the cumulative hazard function (or the Kaplan-Meier estimators for the survival function) calculated at different (possibly random) calendar time points of a survival study. This result is used to develop group sequential designs for clinical trials in which(More)
To explore the clinical effects of internal fixation on ankle fractures combined with tibiofibular syndesmosis injury under the guidance of three-column theory. Clinical data of 54 patients with ankle fractures combined with tibiofibular syndesmosis injury, who were treated from June 2008 to May 2014, were retrospectively analyzed in this study. According(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of free popi iteal artery cutaneous branch flap anastomosed with lateral tarsal artery and vein for the repair of wound on the foot and ankle by anatomical observation and clinical application. METHODS Latex was poured into the blood vessels of 8 cadavers, then perforator vessel of posterolateral(More)
In drug development, finding an optimal dose is normally carried out in a phase II trial. A phase III trial will then be conducted to demonstrate that the selected dose is efficacious and safe. As choosing a dose from the phase II trial which has the highest observed response rate could overestimate the true response rate of the selected dose, the data from(More)
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