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teristics of the active devices in analog circuit, the fuzzy elements can be implemented in very simple structures. This brings a reduction in the circuit complexity which implies better speed performance and reduced chip area consumption. Until now the main drawback of the analog approaches has been their poor flexibility. Some programmable analog fuzzy(More)
 An autonomous mobile robot (AMR) has to cope with uncertain, incomplete or approximate information. Moreover it has to identify sudden perceptual situations to manoeuvre in real time. This paper describes a fuzzy rule based system (FRBS) approach controlling the movement of an autonomous mobile robot (MORIA). Difficult guiding and controlling properties(More)
Recognition methods use different features to assign a pattern to a prototype class. The recognition accuracy strongly depends on the selected features. In this paper we present a novel fuzzy methodology to extract appropriate fuzzy features from the handwriting data. From these meaningful features a set of linguistic rules are derived which in turn(More)
This paper presents a new approach for the automatic generation of fuzzy rule bases for pattern recognition. The general idea of the approach is to use and enhance the fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm. The rule base is generated through an iterative feature clustering approach. The automatic extraction of features is repeated until the generated rule base(More)
An automatic method to generate fuzzy rules and their membership functions to recognize handwritten characters is described. Firstly an initial rule base is created on the basis of a referential data set containing handwriting prototypes. Subsequently the classification behavior of the fuzzy rules is optimized with a genetic algorithm, which is regarded as(More)
In this paper we present a new fuzzy language } FOHDEL } for the syntactic description of handwritten symbols. The presented language incorporates the fuzzy logic techniques to describe the syntactic relations of the semantic features extracted from a symbol pattern. A FOHDEL rule-base represents the compact feature information extracted from a small number(More)
In this paper we present a new fuzzy online recognition system (FOHRES) for handwritten characters. Our new approach uses the advantages of fuzzy set theory for the classification of handwritten characters at different processing stages. The proposed fuzzy online handwriting description language (FOHDEL) provide a flexible multiwriter environment which is(More)