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Communities of practices are more and more recognized by companies, individuals and groups as valuable places to share and create knowledge. Communities of practice have to be cultivated in order to fully create the value they may bring to their environment. They need interoperable, flexible, ubiquitous, and specific collaborative tools to support their(More)
The experience described in this paper is being developed in the framework of the PALETTE 1 project by two teams of researchers involved in collecting information from some Communities of practice 2 (CoPs) then in providing this information through suitable formats to their technical partners in the aim of designing an interop-erable and extensible set of(More)
The paper aims at showing how Participatory Design contributes to the understanding of learning processes related to Communities of Practice (CoPs) and, at the same time, to the design and implementation of Web Services to support organisational and individual learning in CoPs. This research builds on the European PALETTE project 1. The main goal of the(More)
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