Liliane Dickinson

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Oskar is one of seven Drosophila maternal-effect genes that are necessary for germline and abdomen formation. We have cloned oskar and show that oskar RNA is localized to the posterior pole of the oocyte when germ plasm forms. This polar distribution of oskar RNA is established during oogenesis in three phases: accumulation in the oocyte, transport toward(More)
The Drosophila gene nanos is required for two processes. During oogenesis, nanos function is required for the continued production of egg chambers, and nanos is expressed in the early germarium. During embryogenesis, nanos is required maternally to specify abdominal segmentation. Nanos shares this latter function with nine other genes, collectively known as(More)
The Drosophila gene pumilio is expressed maternally, and its function is essential during early embryogenesis for the formation of abdominal segments. Our molecular analysis reveals that pumilio is a large gene that encodes a protein of 160 kD whose RNA is enriched at the posterior pole of the egg. As with pumilio, the maternal effect gene nanos is(More)
A major component in controlling V(D)J recombination is differential accessibility through localized changes in chromatin structure. Attachment of DNA to the nuclear matrix via matrix attachment region (MAR) sequences, and interaction with MAR-binding proteins have been shown to alter chromatin conformation, promote histone acetylation, and influence gene(More)
Manduca sexta larvae respond to bacterial challenge by synthesizing a set of antibacterial hemolymph proteins. We have purified and sequenced three members of a family of cecropin D-like bactericidal peptides and isolated a cDNA clone complementary to a closely related bactericidin. Results obtained by Northern hybridization and RNase protection analysis(More)
BACKGROUND The authors designed and implemented a complete curriculum in ophthalmic pathology using IBM- and Macintosh-based interactive videodisc (IVD) technology. They also redesigned a portion of this curriculum for a new television-based platform, compact disc-interactive (CD-I). METHODS The following issues were addressed: curriculum design,(More)
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