Liliana Santos-Zea

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The phenolic, flavonoid, and antioxidant contents of methanol extracts of nine samples of Mexican cactus ( Opuntia spp.) cladodes processed into flours were studied. Opuntia undulata contained the(More)
Steroidal saponins have shown beneficial health effects. Agave spp. leaves and rhizomes are sources of these compounds, but their presence has not been reported in the aguamiel. Aguamiel is the sweet(More)
Separation of potentially bioactive components from foods and plant extracts is one of the main challenges for their study. Centrifugal partition chromatography has been a successful technique for(More)
Saponins occur in numerous plants, including agaves, determining benefic and harmful properties to humans; their presence may favor using plants as soap and other products, but also they may cause(More)
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