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The Ethnic Roots of Class Universalism: Rethinking the “Russian” Revolutionary Elite1
  • Liliana Riga
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 November 2008
This article retrieves the ethnic roots that underlie a universalist class ideology. Focusing empirically on the emergence of Bolshevism, it provides biographical analysis of the Russian Revolution’sExpand
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Tolerant majorities, loyal minorities and ‘ethnic reversals’: constructing minority rights at Versailles 1919*
. The 1919 Versailles Peace Conference created new states in East Central Europe (ECE), but the imperfect implementation of the ‘one nation, one state’ formula resulted in more than twenty-fiveExpand
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To Build a Notion: US State Department Nation Building Expertise and Postwar Settlements in 20th Century East Central Europe
This article offers a contribution to the sociology of social science knowledge practices and expertise through the empirical lens of US nation building policies. Drawing on archival materials,Expand
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Mitteleuropa as Middle America?: “The Inquiry” and the Mapping of East Central Europe in 1919
SUMMARY: В фокусе статьи Лилианы Риги и Джеймса Кеннеди – группа американских интеллектуалов, известных как “The Inquiry” (“расследование”), к которым Президент США Вильсон обратился за экспертнойExpand
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Merging Class and Estate
Book review: American democracy: from Tocqueville to town halls to Twitter by Andrew J. Perrin
American Democracy offers a compellingly-argued rethinking of how we might conceptualise America’s democratic social landscape, not least by challenging canonical approaches focused on its moreExpand