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The study examined whether mental stimulation received in the workplace positively affects cognitive functioning and rate of cognitive change. Data taken from the VISAT (ageing, health and work) longitudinal study concerned 3237 workers who were seen three times (in 1996, 2001 and 2006) and who were aged between 32 and 62 years at baseline. Measures of(More)
This study investigates three principal aspects of semantic memory processing in Alzheimer's disease: word finding, knowledge of the specific and generic attributes of concepts. Semantic memory is assessed by a range of verbal and visual tasks differentiated according to their level of complexity. Our hypothesis is that the processing of these types of(More)
The conceptual structure account (CSA) is a model specifying the role of the living and non-living domain dichotomy in the structure of semantic memory. According to this model, feature distinctiveness and the perceptual-functional inter-correlation of concepts are assumed to play a major role in impairing the ability to discriminate between living and(More)
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