Liliana De Sousa

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Exposure to cocaine throughout gestation may produce several deleterious outcomes in the offspring that include effects on neurotransmitter systems and structure of the central nervous system. Such changes are most likely correlated with behavioral alterations. Environmental enrichment (EE) in early stages is a factor that affects structural and behavioral(More)
The objective of this study was to characterize Expressed Emotion in families of individuals with parasuicidal behavior, a non-fatal act in which there is self-harm or deliberate excessive ingestion of a substance and to examine the significant relationships between Expressed Emotion (EE), Coping, Depression, Self-concept, and parasuicidal behaviors. The(More)
The use of cocaine in adults has been linked to depression and/or anxiety. Several studies have shown an association between cocaine-primed craving and depressive symptoms. In animal models, the forced swim test (FST) is frequently used for screening depressive-like behavior. This study aimed to verify the presence of depression-like symptoms in adolescent(More)
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