Liliana Cortez

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This paper considers optimum allocation in multivariate stratified sampling as a problem of the multi-objective optimisation of integers, under three different scenarios, those of complete, partial or zero information. The paper concludes with an example showing the implementation of each of the techniques proposed.
Historically, the economic cycles in Brazil were, in many ways, taking advantage of the existing abundant natural resources. Vast territory, tropical climate, sunshine, and a relatively good amount of rainfall also contributed for the existence of a complex cosystem indicating an important agricultural potential. First, the use of Brazil trees for dying(More)
Resumen. Este trabajo trata sobre un sistema de monitoreo remoto a través de una pantalla inteligente para sensores de temperatura y corriente utilizando una red híbrida CAN−ZIGBEE. El CAN bus es usado como medio de transmisión de datos a corta distancia mientras que Zigbee es empleado para que cada nodo de la red pueda interactuar de manera inalámbrica con(More)
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