Liliana Andrade

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This manuscript evaluates whether specific symptoms, a symptom index (SI), CA125 and HE4 can help identify women with malignant tumors in the group of women with adnexal masses previously diagnosed with ultrasound. This was a cross-sectional study with data collection between January 2010 and January 2012. We invited 176 women with adnexal masses of(More)
Designers of the upcoming digital-centric More-than-Moore systems are lacking a common design and simulation environment able to efficiently manage all the multi-disciplinary aspects of its components of various nature that closely interact with each other. A key to successful design and verification lies in a SystemC-based virtual prototyping environment(More)
The SystemC AMS extensions support heterogeneous modeling and make use of several Models of Computation (MoCs) that operate on different time scales in the Discrete Event (DE), Discrete Time (DT), and Continuous Time (CT) domains. The simulation of such heterogeneous models may raise synchronization problems that are hard to diagnose and to fix, especially(More)
—Each new embedded system tends to integrate more sensors with tight software-driven control, digitally assisted analog circuits, and heterogeneous structure. A more responsive simulation environment is needed to support the co-design and verification of such complex architectures including all its digital hardware/software and analog/multi-physical aspects(More)
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