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Using finite-size scaling methods we measure the thermal and magnetic exponents of the site percolation in four dimensions, obtaining a value for the anomalous dimension very different from the results found in the literature. We also obtain the leading corrections-to-scaling exponent and, with great accuracy, the critical density.
Insects associated with the floodwater mosquito Ochlerotatus albifasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) were studied from intermittent puddles in temperate Argentina in an attempt to detect the main predators. Forty-one taxa occurred in the puddles from spring to fall. Coleoptera and Diptera were dominant and diverse. Ephemeroptera and Odonata were scarce in(More)
Using finite-size scaling techniques, we study the critical properties of the site-diluted Ising model in four dimensions. We carry out a high statistics Monte Carlo simulation for several values of the dilution. The results support the perturbative scenario: there is only the Ising fixed point with large logarithmic scaling corrections. We obtain , using(More)
We present the results of a Monte Carlo simulation of the RP 2 model in three dimensions with negative coupling. We observe a second order phase transition between the disordered phase and an anti-ferromagnetic, unfrustrated, ordered one. We measure, with a Finite Size Scaling analysis, the thermal exponent, obtaining ν = 0.784(8). We have found two(More)
Critical exponents and unusual properties of the broken phase in the 3d-RP 2 antiferromagnetic model. We present the results of a Monte Carlo simulation of the antiferromagnetic RP 2 model in three dimensions. With finite-size scaling techniques we accurately measure the critical exponents and compare them with those of O(N) models. We are able to(More)
Derallus Sharp, 1882 is a Neotropical genus of aquatic coleopterans that belongs in the tribe Berosini and includes 15 species. D. angustus Sharp is widely distributed from Guatemala to Argentina. The population dynamics of this species was studied by periodic sampling of a natural population from the southernmost Subtropical Domain of the Neotropical(More)
We study numerically the critical properties of the U(1)-Higgs lattice model, with fixed Higgs modulus, in the region of small gauge coupling where the Higgs and Confining phases merge. We find evidence of a first order transition line that ends in a second order point. By means of a rotation in parameter space we introduce thermody-namic magnitudes and(More)
A list of the most common plants that form phytotelmata and their associated coleopterans (aquatic, semi-aquatic and terrestrial) from the northeastern subtropical and temperate area of Argentina, South America with biological and behavioral observations is presented in this study. Species of Poaceae (n = 3), Bromeliaceae (5), Apiaceae (6), Araceae (2),(More)