Lilian de Greef

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This paper presents a new sensing and interaction environment for post-stroke and upper extremity limb rehabilitation. The device is a combination of camera-based multitouch sensing and a supporting therapeutic software application that advances the treatment, provides feedback, and records a user's progress. The image-based analysis of hand position(More)
Health sensing through smartphones has received considerable attention in recent years because of the devices' ubiquity and promise to lower the barrier for tracking medical conditions. In this paper, we focus on using smartphones to monitor newborn jaundice, which manifests as a yellow discoloration of the skin. Although a degree of jaundice is common in(More)
People can have experiences through video calls that are otherwise inaccessible. For example, someone who cannot leave the home may wish to experience visiting the zoo. We present TeleTourist, a system that uses video calls with strangers to share experiences for people with mobility restrictions. We designed TeleTourist to enhance immersion and(More)
This work presents a combination of software and hardware that makes aerial autonomy substantially more accessible both in terms of programmatic complexity and in terms of cost. We use the ARDrone quadrotor helicopter and Willow Garage's Robot Operating System software infrastructure to demonstrate several autonomous tasks. Using vision as the sole aerial(More)
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